A marker for where the Berlin Wall lay

Adventures in Germany, Part III: Berlin

As a foreigner, it’s easy to see a landmass on a map and start ascribing generalities to the people who live within those borders.  It’s a natural crutch we all hitch ourselves to.  We speak about “the French” or “the English” as if there aren’t key differences between regions within those countries and the people […]

Dom St Peter

Adventures in Germany, Part II: Regensburg

I will admit that, prior to my trip, I had no idea where Regensburg was. If I knew of it at all, it was because it was the birthplace of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger AKA Pope Benedict XVI.  But again, even that morsel of information hadn’t clung to my brain.  All I knew was that my […]


Adventures in Germany, Part I: Munich and Bavaria

Having not travelled out of the country in many a year, I took the chance to go see my good buddy K out in Germany this year for Oktoberfest.  It’d be a great chance to experience a new culture and take advantage of a place that was still buzzing from winning the World Cup, right?  […]


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