The Lion & The Rose - King Joffrey

Game of Thrones: Hells & “The Lion & The Rose”

“There is but one (hell), Princess.  The one we live in now.” The bedside manner of Lady Melissandre of Asshai, Priestess of R’hllor may leave much to be desired, but she’s at least forthright with the innocent girl who asks her if the stories and books she’s read are true or not.  To her, the […]

Arsenal End - Arsene

Arsenal Review: Not The End Yet

As the seconds ticked away yesterday and the 1-0 Wigan triumph got closer and closer to reality, I couldn’t help but think that it was poetic that the nadir for Arsenal was happening at Wembley.  After all, it was the decision to not move to the new Wembley and build Emirates Stadium that was at […]

Two Swords - Oberyn & Ellaria

Game of Thrones: Legacy & “Two Swords”

No metal is rarer in the whole of Westeros or Essos than Valyrian steel.  Weapons forged out of Valyrian steel are treasured by their owners.  Some will refuse to part with them, even as they are losing everything else of value.  Part of the value lies in the quality of the material.  Spells and runes […]

Captain America 2 - Cap & Fury

A Review of “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”: "Now That Dream Is Gone From Me”

I remember back when The First Avenger came out and liking it a great deal. (If you’re interested in reading my thoughts on that movie, click here). Part of it is that I have always gravitated to the more true blue/white knight heroes like Cap and Superman.  While the emotional angst of Batman or the […]


A Beautiful Reminder

If I’m honest, the last few weeks have been very difficult, professionally and personally.  Just a lot of drama, nonsense and difficulties one day or another.  Hey, that’s just life, I will concede. But it’s felt like I’ve gone from hardship and pain to harder-ship and pain-er.  When even the sources of joy and entertainment […]

GOT4 - The Wedding

A Primer for Season 4 of “Game of Thrones”

The year 1219 was not a good one for Inalchuq, the governor of Otrar in the Khwarezmian Empire (present day Afghanistan and Iran).  A year before, he had captured a trading caravan sent by Genghis Khan to his city. Claiming there were spies in the caravan, he had seized its wealth and sold it and […]


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