Interstellar - Gargantua

Interstellar Review: “Gaze Long Into the Abyss”

I sometimes think we live in the strangest of times.  In our hands, we carry cellphones that have the ability to connect us to any corner of the world.  We have landed robots on other planets, moons and even comets.  Our telescopes have peeled back the layers of darkness to show us many of the […]

HM - The Descent

Six Small Halloween Movie Recommendations

I love Halloween.  I love it for the way people throw costumes on.  I love it for kids running all over the neighborhood trick or treating.  I love it for adults acting like kids – even if it’s college-aged, inebriated, sexually-desperate kids.  I love it because it allows people and communities to behave in ways […]

Angola - Inmates

Adventures in Louisiana: The Angola Prison Rodeo

By every measure known, the state of Louisiana is the #1 imprisoner of its citizens in the world.  For every 100,000 Louisiana citizens, there are 1,619 inmates housed in the various correctional facilities that dot the state – one for every 86 citizens.   That’s more than the national average of 730 prisoners per 100,000 citizens.  […]


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