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A New Superman Hulks Internet Up

Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder have settled on their new Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman for their take on the iconic character in Superman: The Man of Steel.  He’s Henry Cavill and he looks like my brother. I’d put pictures, but it’d be futile.  The guy’s square headed (both Cavill and my brother). Naturally, the Internet exploded with […]

What do you say when a little person cusses you out?

So I went to the movies tonight and an odd thing happened.  As I went to the concession stand, I looked and, in my way, was a little person coming back.  Normally I’d have registered he was there and moved on, but he seemed to have hit his leg and so my eyes lingered.  He […]

Being Fat in America is Easy

I’ve been working out since the start of the New Year and things are going well.  I’m down 5 pounds of mostly water weight and some of the latent fat I had on.  I’m also eating better and paying attention to everything I do and eat. But as I worked out last Saturday, I began […]

2 hours at the gym

Every day of the week. It may and probably is a bit crazy, but when what you’ve done doesn’t work, do what you haven’t tried. So I’m going to be spending 2 hours every day at the gym. 45 minutes on the treadmill, 15 minutes of abs and 1 hour of working out. My brother […]

Getting Back on the Horse

For many, the start of a new year is often the impetus to attempting to lose weight.  It is the number one resolution that is made.  To lose weight or get fit or lose the love handles or whichever way you want to say it.  And we all know how the story will go for […]

New Year Resolutions for the Modern Age

As we say goodbye to 2010 and begin the process of looking forward to what’s coming in 2011, the natural inclination for most of us is to take stock of our lives and to promise to fix certain things.  Obviously, the more common resolutions are to lose weight/get fit, return to/finish school and to travel.  […]