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What do you say when a little person cusses you out?

So I went to the movies tonight and an odd thing happened.  As I went to the concession stand, I looked and, in my way, was a little person coming back.  Normally I’d have registered he was there and moved on, but he seemed to have hit his leg and so my eyes lingered.  He caught me watching and said in a harsh tone, “Why don’t you take a picture?”

I let it slide and went and got my water bottle and M&M’s for my brother.  But it’s still with me, hours later.  Like what do you say to that?  Don’t get me wrong: I’m sure he’s accustomed to being the focal point of people whenever he goes anywhere.  And I’m sure that’s gotta rub him the wrong way now and again.

But why take that shit out on me?  All I did was watch for a second longer to make sure he hadn’t hurt himself.  His natural inclination was to believe the worst in me.

Or maybe, he’s just an asshole.  People are people and no one gets excused for being that — no matter the hardships life throws your way.


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