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A New Superman Hulks Internet Up

Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder have settled on their new Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman for their take on the iconic character in Superman: The Man of Steel.  He’s Henry Cavill and he looks like my brother.

I’d put pictures, but it’d be futile.  The guy’s square headed (both Cavill and my brother).

Naturally, the Internet exploded with surprise, shock and anger.  “He’s not Reeve!  He’s English!  Bring back Routh!  Hire Tom Welling!”

It’s so boring when the Internet explodes with its usual angst and rage.  It has become so obvious as to reach the point of cliche’.  Of course the Internet folks aren’t going to like the choice.  Hell, you could have brought back Chris Reeve from his eternal slumber and it wouldn’t have pleased them!

The Internet is made of millions of voices and, like the elections, the only voices you hear come election-time are the ones that disagree with those in power.  So naturally the voices most against the choosing of Cavill are the ones being heard.

By the way, they would have been up in arms had it been just about anyone else.  Even choices like bringing back Brandon Routh from the previous movie, Superman Returns, or promoting Tom Welling of “Smallville” to the big-screen role would have had their share of detractors.  And you can bet they would have been loud.

As the fight for net neutrality nears and we get direct examples of the power of the Internet as a tool for communication in the face of oppression (Iran, Tunisia, Egypt, etc), we must grow up and stop thinking of the World Wide Web as just our place for pornography and message/comment boards on which to throw up whatever comes out of our brains at the moment.

A new Superman is really a small drop in the pond.  It should not be such a big issue.


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