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Sucker Punch or “How Your Fantasy Girls Spend their Off-Duty Hours”

So me and the brothers went and caught a Sunday night screening of Zach Snyder’s latest movie, Sucker Punch.  (Is it Sucker Punch or SuckerPunch?  I’m not sure).  Another thing I’m not too sure of is what the title has to do with the movie it preceded.  What was the sucker punch? The point is […]

Some thoughts on Dragon Age 2

There are a few video game companies that I will always stop to check out what they’re putting out.  Ubisoft is one, due to their “Assassin’s Creed”, “Prince of Persia” and “Splinter Cell” series.  Another one is EA Sports, who between their “Madden NFL” behemoth, their “FIFA” soccer series and the old classic “NBA Jam” […]