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So we didn’t shut down

Just a few hours after putting up my last post, news started leaking that there had been a compromise reached between the GOP and the Democrats on a budget and our federal government wouldn’t shut down. Whoopie. Is there any citizen at this point who doesn’t loathe our elected officials? That we got to this […]

America: Be Back in 5 Minutes

Depending on when you read this, either our federal government will have come perilously close to shutting down, did shut down and quickly came back up or shut down and it’s not into its fourth month of not working – in which case, I welcome you from the bottom of my underground bunker that you […]

“A Song of Ice and Fire”: A Summation

Long ago in days untoldWere ruled by lords of greedMaidens fair, with gold they daredTo bare their wombs that bleedKings And Queens and guillotinesTaking lives deniedStarch and parchments laid the lawsWhen bishops took the ride only to deceive It’s difficult trying to get one’s head around the vastness of George R.R. Martin’s fantasy series, “A […]

Why Are Universities in the Professional Sports Business?

If you’re any kind of sports fan, you’ve most likely spent the last few months traipsing through story after story of improprieties occurring at the college sports level.  You’ve had (and this is an incomplete list that I’m making off the top of my head): The Reggie Bush Scandal – Reggie Bush was forced to […]