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America: Be Back in 5 Minutes

Depending on when you read this, either our federal government will have come perilously close to shutting down, did shut down and quickly came back up or shut down and it’s not into its fourth month of not working – in which case, I welcome you from the bottom of my underground bunker that you totally want to be in because I have water and food and the last VHS copy of “Best of the Best 2” available anywhere.

It’s been a weird day watching the news count down with unfettered glee until the clock struck midnight.  They’ve eagerly lapped up every nugget of sniping, bile or anger coming from all sides of the political spectrum and been desperate to transmit the non-stop posturing of our political parties and…ahem…our “leaders.”  In many ways, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, et al have been acting like that person in the back of the room who keeps going back and forth between two angry guys and telling them all the shit that one is talking about the other.

That we have gotten to this point is an indictment of the job that both parties have or have not done.  With major financial issues plaguing our economy, this really isn’t the time for petty political bickering.  And yet, once again, that’s exactly what this fight has devolved into. 

Whether you like or loathe abortion should be secondary to keeping the lights on for millions of military families.  Whether you consider the EPA a federal burden or a necessity should not get in the way of millions of unemployed Americans who desperately need their benefits in order to buy food, pay a bill or gas up their car.  When our economy is teetering on the edge and could slide back into the Depression that we’ve gone into so much debt to get out of, is this the time really to stand on principle?


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