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In Defense of A Lesbian Sexposition Scene

If you’ve been watching “Game of Thrones”, then you know that this week’s episode, “You Win or You Die”, is when a lot of the planted seeds from the previous six episodes began to bear fruit.  King Robert dies.  His mandated assassination attempt on Daenerys Targaryen fails and enrages her husband, Khal Drogo, to the […]

How I Fell In Love with a Soccer Club

I’m a sports fan.  I know that might not be admitting much, but it has to be said.  Just look at my Twitter feed.  It’s often clogged with sports comments.  I love the fall because so many of the sports are back in session.   Summer is an odd time because there are few games to […]

Aftermath: What Happens To The Leftovers of War

The next time you’re in your local bookstore, take a quick stroll through the “Military History” section.  Pretty large, right?  In there you will find books of every kind and size about every military conflict you can imagine.  From ancient battles fought by empires that no longer exist through essays on modern conflicts and on […]

God of Thunder and Rock ‘n’ Roll!

Many call this the Golden Age of Comic Book Movies, but I disagree.  There are many comic book movies being made, but the vast majority are origin stories.  To put it in comic book terms, we’re getting a market loaded with #1 issues and the market is waiting to see if any of them become […]