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So What Did I Learn In 2011?

Things will continue to get tougher for a while.  Don’t go spending like crazy.

Never be surprised at the common lack of common sense in people.

There are more people in need than one can imagine – and not just the ones normally thought of by others.

Hard work is important. But timing and luck can be just as big.

It is important to be both intelligent and kind.  Kindness without intelligence turns you into a fool.  Intelligence without kindness turns you into a monster.

Never underestimate people’s abilities to ignore the major problem around them.

It’s 2011. EVERYONE has e-mail.

Don’t keep your mouth shut. It’s likely no one thought of that question before.

Learn to fish, to repair things and to cook.  Having skills = having degrees.

The more major change is needed, the more people are unwilling to face to it.

People want to believe too much in doomsday prophecies.  Are you so certain you’re going to Heaven?

I really didn’t think those “adult film” buses existed.  Then I saw one outside a nightclub.

Begging isn’t just what that bum out in the street does.  It’s now in the Internet and it’s big business (Amazon wish lists).

People are becoming more entrenched in their positions and there’s less desire to accept other’s points of view.

Buy candles.

It’s amazing how Spartan you can make your life.


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