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No New Post?

Sorry for the delay in getting anything out.  I’ve been working for the past week on one big Arsenal-themed blog post that I just couldn’t bring together.  So I shelved it.  I started on the next “My Favorite Episodes” piece and got a third of the way in before I realized that I didn’t want to finish it.  So I shelved that.  So I’m stuck with nothing new for 8 days.

Honestly, how the hell does anyone do this for a living?  I mean, I get that if you write for a blog with a specific theme – sports, movies, gossip, technology – your topics are, in a sense, easier to choose.  You might just respond to the latest news or releases.  cat teaOr you can wax poetically about some grander topic that brings various threads together – say fantasy football versus real-life or celebrity gossip and box office.  Or maybe you write about your hometown or your predilection for cat-themed tea parties.

(For the record, no, I didn’t know that cat-themed tea parties were a thing. But lo and behold if Google cannot come up with an image of it).

But since this is a blog of varied interests, it’s not as easy to come up with something.

That’s part of the difficulty with writing that I’ve had for much of my life.  I enjoy doing it.  At times I feel compelled to do it.  Other times I couldn’t care one bit whether or not I put something down.

So I apologize for not putting something out sooner.  I think I’ll take a day or two (who am I kidding? Don’t expect anything until Monday!) and then get some ideas down that I feel I can flesh out.

writers-blockIn the meantime, remissionem.


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