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The Hurricane Isaac Aftermath Blog


IMG_1588So, since you’re reading this, we can safely assume that I made it through Hurricane Isaac unscathed and that power was finally restored by Entergy.  Honestly, you see that new TV show “Revolution” that NBC pimped through the Olympic Games? I’m more willing to believe today that if we lost electricity for good that we would devolve into roving bands of cannibals and descend into a Road Warrior-like anarchy.  Trust me.  People cannot do without more than a day or so of no power.  It just screws them up, specially when a power company promises to get them back up to normal fast and then doesn’t deliver.

As for Isaac, I said on my last blog that each storm was different and, lo and behold if I wasn’t proven right.  Isaac took its sweet time leaving Louisiana; making landfall twice and stalling over the coast for a period of several hours before moving into the state at a snails’ pace.  And as it slowly went up, it dumped rain over areas already saturated with rain.  Combine that with the driving winds and wind gusts of a hurricane and areas that hadn’t seen flooding in a long while were evacuated.  As of today, two persons were confirmed deceased by the overlapping of a levee in Plaquemines Parish by the water with another person dead in a fire at a restaurant – the victim apparently the owner of the restaurant. 

As for me, rain wasn’t as much of an issue as the wind.  The water was driven by the wind in sheets but it wasn’t coming down as hard as some of the thunderstorms we’ve had in recent months.  The rain did saturate the soil and lead to some water getting in underneath the house.  What the wind did do was rip up a ton of shingles off my roof, which led to rainwater getting in and leaking down into the kitchen and several rooms.  The wind also took out the roof of the backyard awning at about 5:30 Wednesday morning; ripping it down the middle then folding it onto itself to rip it down and drop it on the back porch.  I was just glad that it didn’t take a chunk of the roof with it nor that it was driven through the glass doors to the backyard.  As you can imagine, that sent me and the family running towards the front of the house.  Luckily it didn’t do much more than that.  IMG_1612

In the big scheme of things, I am lucky and/or blessed (take your pick).  Compare my situation to the one the folks in Plaquemines Parish, LaPlace, Madisonville, Mandeville, Kentwood and Roger are all living through and it doesn’t even come close.  Thoughts and prayers with all those folks who are going through a horrific experience. 

So the bulk of my Isaac experience involved dealing with no power and heat and mugginess from the lack of Air Conditioning.  The weird thing is that my great-aunt and aunt who live a few blocks away never lost power before, during or after the storm.  Tales like that are common this time out – people who’ve been without power since the storm first moved in who live a block or two away from folks who lost their power today or never did.  That’s the randomness of the storm knocking out various parts of the grid.  As the storm moved in, you could see footage of the transformers throughout the city going up like bad X-mas lights.  That and the wind knocking/ripping off trees, posts and lines did a number that Entergy is only beginning to put back together. 

Here’s hoping that this is the only storm we have to deal with this hurricane season.  It is never easy having to experience one of these.  While I’m sure more will eventually come our way, I definitely need a few weeks of peace and calm before daring to face another one of these monsters.

And in the meantime, PLEASE TURN ON MY LIGHTS!!


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