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Why I Believe In Dragons

I am trying to find the words to voice what I feel over the horrific scenes that we are all witnessing coming out of Newtown, Connecticut.  It is appalling, disgusting and leaves one with a sense of terror.  And here’s the thing: I have no children.  Not that you have to to feel these things.  But for any parent, the terror that is felt when they see this has to be incredible. 

So instead of writing anything topical – news are pouring out by the moment and the facts are not yet known – I’d like to share with you something I tell other people every now and again.

I believe in dragons.

Dragons - Dragon's Lair by IroshodYep, dragons.  Yes, the big, scaly monsters from legend.

Yes, the ones who breathe fire, speak in a variety of languages and hoard mountains of gold and jewels and other treasures.

No, I don’t distinguish between the Western scaly monsters or the Eastern philosophical sages or the Mesoamerican plumed serpent gods.  I believe in all of them.

No, I have never seen one, met one, talked to one or had one drop a scale on me.

No, officer, I am not crazy.

OK, let me rephrase it: I choose to believe in dragons.

Dragons - Dragons by Kerem BeyitI choose to believe that in the deep, dark, hidden corners of our world, creatures from myth and legend slumber, guarding their treasures and their secrets from the world of man.  I choose to believe that mythical monsters exist in our world.

Because in the back of my mind, I know that the caves and in the corners, lie not dragons, but men.  Men who are planning death and destruction.  Men who seek the end of life as we know it.  Men who plot the murder of innocents, of children and of those who bear no fault for the way the world is. 

I’d rather live in a world with dragons than in a world with human monsters.  Unfortunately, I cannot choose that world.  So it is up to me to fight the monsters of my world, to the best of my ability. 

But I’d still rather fight dragons.  Dragons can be easier to understand.


One comment on “Why I Believe In Dragons

  1. This is almost poetic

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