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A Beautiful Reminder

If I’m honest, the last few weeks have been very difficult, professionally and personally.  Just a lot of drama, nonsense and difficulties one day or another.  Hey, that’s just life, I will concede. But it’s felt like I’ve gone from hardship and pain to harder-ship and pain-er.  When even the sources of joy and entertainment like the Arsenal are giving you 6-0 thrashings, it feels like the universe wants to give you a collective stomping in the nuts.  Just for being you.  And damn if it doesn’t force you to question your sense of self, your choices made and your desire to stay on your path.

But occasionally there’s a moment or two that pulls you back.

Today, I closed a client’s case successfully.  Without divulging anything in detail, this was someone who was at risk and in dire straits.  Tonight that person will sleep safe and sound because I’ve busted my ass, fought for them, defended them, cajoled and coerced those who would give up on them to keep going.  Just one tiny part of a bigger effort, to be sure, but a tiny part who worked like hell to make sure this person was not forgotten.  Upon closing the case, my client hugged me and cried and thanked me.

Talking about it later with my father (he’s doing fine, btw) he said something that stuck.  “You may work there for your paycheck.  But that’s not why you work there.  After all, your paycheck gets spent.  It goes to pay bills, to buy food, go out, etc.  You’ll forget your paycheck after it’s gone. But the reason why you do what you do is moments like that – when someone is made whole by your efforts and thanks you for all you do.”

So today, I got a beautiful reminder of why I do what I do….and of how thankful I am that my dad is still around to remind me of that fact.


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