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Notes from the beach

As I write this, my toes are deep in clear, white sand, the stars twinkle bright above and, in the distance, a bonfire lights the night. There are screams from young people around it and “Champagne Supernova” oddly sounds behind them. More than likely the next song left programmed by some radio DJ before leaving for the night.

I’m trying to put the last few days into perspective. This was a trip originally planned for last September – the weekend right after Labor Day. It was meant to be a celebratory trip for the whole family. A chance to go back to the beach after nearly a decade of not going together.

Then, three weeks before we were set to go out, my father suffered his aneurysm. Naturally, that meant the trip was canceled. Instead of spending that weekend on the beach, we spent it in a hospital waiting room. The bigger concern, of course, was on my father and how he would do.

But today, he spent it sitting on a beach chair, eating shrimp and having a good time driving us all crazy.

The condo has been a great place. The beach has had pristine, white sands. The water has been clear. But for the chill weather of earlier in the week turning the water freaky cold, it really could not have been better.

Everyone has enjoyed themselves. Spending the days swimming or laying on the beach. Going out at night to eat, shop or drink. Our just applying more lotion to sunburnt backs. It’s been amazing.

I guess the main lesson I have learned is that, in this life, you really should work to build experiences like this. Chances to sit back. Chances to enjoy nature. Chances to enjoy the people that matter most in your life.

The stars are twinkling. The Big Dipper is out. The moon is red. Life is good.

Today life is really good.



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