Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them Review: “Fantasy Will Set You Free”

We should not be surprised. Not really.  Not with every studio chasing a franchise with which to anchor their slate of movies. Disney has Marvel and Pixar and Star Wars. Sony has James Bond. Fox has the X-Men. Paramount has Star Trek and Transformers.  Universal has Fast & Furious, Despicable Me and monsters like King […]


Arrival Review: “Time is Not Important; Only Life is Important”

If you try to check the number of movies about aliens, IMDB will tell you that it’s a list in total of 274 movies. Wikipedia will give you an even longer list that includes everything from sci-fi classics to comedy parodies to adult film parodies.  The idea of little green men or some other type […]


Doctor Strange Review: “It’s A Kind of Magic”

One really has to tip their hat to the ability displayed by Marvel Studios to develop their esoteric, little-known or less regarded properties into massive blockbusters.  I mean, it’s one thing to make a successful Captain America or Incredible Hulk movie. Those characters have entered the popular collective zeitgeist and have been notorious for several […]


My 10 Favorite Video Games

Thanks to the work of intrepid WGNO anchor Jacki Jing, I found out that today was National Video Games Day. As one of my favorite hobbies/pasttimes/time-and-brain-cells-killers, I gotta give it up for video games. They’re fun. They can be great ways to waste away sick or rainy days. And given their quality, they can also […]