“Chappie” Review: “Deep Down Inside, I Got A Heart of Steel”

Ever since his 2009 debut, District 9, writer/director Neill Blomkamp has been one director I’ve been willing to give a chance. He managed to combine complex philosophical and sociological ideas with sci-fi action tropes to make the both intriguing and palatable.  It’s a tricky balance to try and reach. Too many big ideas and the […]


“Kingsman: The Secret Service” Review: It’s like Hayseed Dixie or Mini KISS.

I gotta admit that, when I first saw the trailers for this latest Mark Millar adaptation, I didn’t think much of it.  It sounded too derivative of other, better works.  To be fair, that is Millar’s modus operandi: take traditional stories and elements and remix them in his own way.  Sometimes they work (Superman: Red […]

Transfer - Gabriel

Arsenal Review: Post-Transfer Window Musings

For the first time in years, our annual Jim White Day was, sadly, muted.  No last minute deals for overpriced strikers.  No interviews out of the windows of cars.  Not even the spectacle of children and men making fools of themselves and of the poor reporters sent out to be amongst them like live bait […]

American Sniper - Kyle and Spotter

“American Sniper” Review: “I’ll brave the storm until you’re with me”

In my opinion, the best war movie of the new millenium is Black Hawk Down, the 2001 Ridley Scott movie that depicted the Battle of Mogadishu in Somalia.  It achieved two things that have become standard in the 14 years that have followed.  First, it brought the hardship and complexities of modern warfare in a […]


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