Arsenal Season Review: We Never Left the Shoney’s!

I was all set to put this out before the FA Cup Final. Then the Final happened and I got caught with all the celebrating. So I figured I’d take a step back, finish other pieces, then come back and look at this with fresh eyes.  After all, the glow of another trophy can make […]

Ten Comic Book Adaptations I Want To See

After watching Wonder Woman (Feel free to read that review here), I was talking with a friend who said that she was just tired of all the superhero movies. That took me by surprise a bit even though it probably should not have.  Superhero movies used to be an odd occurrence — a X-Men here, […]

“Wonder Woman” Review: Finally DC Gets It Right!

DC has had a far rockier road to bringing its universe of heroes and villains to the silver screen in this modern “Golden Age of Superhero/Comic-Book Movies”.  Sure, they had The Dark Knight trilogy, which raked billions of dollars. But their Superman Returns reboot did not attract any new fans and, when they rebooted it […]

Postmortem on the 2016-17 Premier League Season

Once again, it ends. Once again, footie leaves us just as things were getting good.  Whether your team ended up hoisting a title, winning a cup, surviving relegation or just beating that rival of old, the roller coaster ride that is the Premier League is over and we head into the summer with visions of […]

On Arsene Wenger’s New Deal

I am busy at work in both the Premier League Postmortem and the Arsenal Season Review. So don’t fret. Those are coming.  However, I did not want to let this opportunity pass by given the news of today.  Specially since I get to say…I was wrong. Last September, I said that I felt this would […]