2018 FIFA World Cup Primer, Predictions & Pretty Pictures

The long wait is over and the time is at hand. Four years have passed since the last of the party in Brazil and now, we are hours away from the FIFA World Cup to kick off in Russia. What a strange and different world it is since those heady days. That’s what I appreciate […]

“Solo: A Star Wars Story” Review: “Times When You’re Alone”

When the Star Wars Story Anthology movies were presented as a project, I gotta say that I was excited. Obviously, more Star Wars is good for me. The idea of movies that were not part of the main Episodic sequence and thus free to explore different ideas, characters and stories. They could go darker. They could […]

Arsenal Review: The New Boss, Not Same as the Old Boss?

So just a quick couple of thoughts with the bombshell “rumor” that was dropped this afternoon by the BBC’s David Ornstein AKA the Ornacle AKA the Most Trusted Media Voice on All Things Arsenal. The long and short of it? After flirting for a week or so with hiring former Arsenal captain and current Manchester […]