AFC - Alexis

Arsenal Season Review, Part III: The Players

If you managed to somehow survive past that beast of a Part II, then thank you.  I’ll try to make this one a shorter read.  In this part, we can break down the squad and discuss transfers (both completed and potentially needed).  I think that we can all agree that, while we have a number […]

The Nice Guys - Hey

“The Nice Guys” Review: Shane Black’s Greatest Hits Album

It’s unlikely that the vast movie-going public would immediately recognize the name Shane Black.  He’s a guy with only six movies under his belt as director – and two of them are still in-production.  But mention his name to action movie fans or start listing the movies he’s been involved in as either a writer […]

The Door - Hodor 2

Game of Thrones: The Truth of Things & “The Door”

As Game of Thrones has been propelled this season ahead of the works of its inspiration/source, we all knew that, at some point, revelations were going to come to long-standing questions book readers have had since A Game of Thrones was first published.  We were finally going to find the truth of certain things that […]

AFC - Flamini

Arsenal’s Season Review Part II: The Season

As promised, here’s the second part in what will hopefully be a four-part series discussing Arsenal’s 2016-17 season.  With the last kick of the match against Aston Villa closing the book on it, we can start to break it down and assess what went right, what went wrong and how to move forward.  I’ll try […]

Arsenal - Theo

Arsenal Season Review, Part I: Possibly Out?

We are almost at the end of another Premier League season. A time of celebration (if you’re Leicester City), reflection (if you’re most teams), disappointment (if you’re Aston Villa) or panic (if you’re Sunderland, Newcastle or Norwich). It’s also when plans get made for the summer as to squads.  For Arsenal, that means we are […]


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