Arsenal Summer - Winners

What Kind of Summer Do I Want for Arsenal?

You know, I’ve been busting my head and trying to complete a season review that, at this point, is totally meaningless.  I don’t need to tell Gooners what kind of season we had.  Not when everyone has had a chance already to digest the season, come to their conclusions and close that book.  The FA […]

Mothers Mercy - The Lone Commander

Game of Thrones: Agents of Chaos & “Mother’s Mercy”

All season long, Game of Thrones has shown the chaos that has been the outcome from the various wars that have gone before and during the show on its world, its characters and their various goals.  The War of the Five Kings has resulted in the destruction of various houses, the deaths of countless thousands, […]

Dance of Dragons - Selyse & Stannis

Game of Thrones: Desperation & “The Dance of Dragons”

Since the ascension of Aegon the Conqueror to the Iron Throne, there have been periods of war and of peace; times of plenty and of famine.  There have been invasions, attacks, pretenders to the throne and other conflicts both large and small.  However, none were as dire or as profound as the time when Targaryen […]

Prem Post - Adam goal

Postmortem on the 2014-15 Premier League

Once again, the day has come to bid farewell to England’s top competition of soccer.  The trophies have been handed, the parades held and those who cheer for their lot – or mourn their fall down to the Championship – know their fates.  Time to parse through what happened to come to some sort of […]

Mad Max - Max Battles

“Mad Max Fury Road” Review: A Fix For All Action Junkies

Influenced by the 1973 oil crisis and how the lack of petrol turned ordinary people into angry and violent combatants at the long gas station lines, ER doctor-turned-director George Miller, amateur filmmaker Byron Kennedy and first-time writer James McCausland set about creating a vision of the future.  Their vision was bleak, violent and very disturbing […]


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