WOW - Boom

Game of Thrones: The Fruits of Labor & “The Winds of Winter”

First of all, apologies for the delay in getting this piece out.  Let’s just say that life’s circumstances have gotten in the way in a very burn-y, molting way.  Add all the rush to get things done before the Independence Day holiday and, well, something was bound to suffer.  All the same, what an episode […]

GOT - Jon Snow

Game of Thrones: The New World Order & “Battle of the Bastards”

Throughout this season, we have seen the old ways of life in both Westeros and Essos collapse under the actions of both the heroes and villains of our tale.  Kings have fallen, kings have been crowned and kings have fallen again until now the power of the Iron Throne is weak.  Noble houses have been […]

X-Men - Mystique & Apocalypse

“X-Men: Apocalypse” Review: A Claremont Comic Come to Life

The appeal at the heart of the X-Men franchise in all its forms has been its ability to represent the oppressed and the outcasts of society in both the macro/large scale and the micro/personal scale.  It could stand to represent both African-Americans or gay/lesbian/transgender persons as groups struggling for their rights or the nerdy kid […]


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