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Beware the Beast in Black: A Review of “The Strain Trilogy”

Beware the Beast in Black: A Review of “The Strain Trilogy”

A large jet touches down on JFK Airport in New York after a transatlantic flight and comes to a complete stop on the tarmac.  No lights are seen.  No communications are heard.  No movement toward the terminals or signs of malfunction can be perceived.  Thoughts from the authorities run the gamut from a major technical […]

Arsenal Review: Round Up the Usual Suspects!

With the Arsenal Supporters Trust (AST) meeting last night and a board meeting to take place on Thursday, the focus of Arsenal’s disastrous 2011-12 has shifted from the players on the pitch to the well-dressed men in the business offices.  The search for the Guilty Party responsible for Arsenal’s fall from grace is ongoing and […]

Arsenal’s Day…Week…Month…Year From Hell!

On February 1, 2011, Arsenal beat Everton 2-1 by coming from behind a 1-0 deficit with goals by Laurent Koscielny and Andrei Arshavin.  Four days later, Arsenal would win the ignominy of being the first Premier League club to concede a 4 goal lead, in a game against Newcastle United.  And if you think that’d […]