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So What Did I Learn In 2011?

Things will continue to get tougher for a while.  Don’t go spending like crazy. Never be surprised at the common lack of common sense in people. There are more people in need than one can imagine – and not just the ones normally thought of by others. Hard work is important. But timing and luck […]

A Farewell to Chris Paul

And that, as they say, is that.  The deal that apparently couldn’t be closed was finalized and the superstar who kept being told he was going nowhere is gone.  By now, everyone knows that Chris Paul is officially a Los Angeles Clipper, where he will throw lobs to Blake Griffin that will be available on […]

Video Game Review Round-Up

One of the disadvantages of end of semester crunch sessions is that they rob you of the time, willingness or energy to do even the most childish of things.  Like spending your days eating Doritos, drinking sugary drinks and playing video games – like I used to do back in the undergrad days.  Ahh, NHL […]

The NBA is Back! And They’re Still Full of [BLEEP]!

With only a few hours since the ratification of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, Twitter exploded with rumors that Hornets PG Chris Paul was on the verge of being traded to the Los Angeles Lakers – at first glance for PF Pau Gasol and C Andrew Bynum, then it was corrected to be Pau Gasol […]

Sorry For the Absence

If I’m honest, I’ve been dying to write. I had thoughts on the Occupy Wall Street protests, but they are on the verge of going away. So those feel immaterial at this point. I got a review on a couple of videogames that I’ll still find a way to stick in here. But school has […]